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Pristine Oven CleaningHere we will be sharing some of our case studies, so you can see for yourself how effective our oven cleaning service is!

We will share before and after pictures with you, discuss any challenges we face, update you with all the news from Pristine Oven Clean as it happens and share any hints and tips we may have.

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Home Cleaning

Home Cleaning

Pristine Oven Clean – You know where to come for clean and grease free ovens, hobs & extractor fans. Now you can have the same standards in the rest of your home. We work closely with local cleaning company Time For you Northants who can make the rest of your home super clean too!

home cleaningAnn and Claire have been cleaning Northampton homes since 2003 and currently service over 400 households across the county. Here is their advice on keeping the rest of your kitchen clean:

Home Cleaning – Kitchen

Keeping the kitchen area clean is so important, but time consuming and tedious. We recommend the following best practices to help keep on top of one of the busiest and messiest areas of the house:

  • Dishes – don’t let them pile up, scrape waste food straight into the bin and either load into the dishwasher or wash them. Doing this sooner rather than later will save a lot of time and effort having to scrub off dried on food later on.
  • Drying dishes – if you do dry your dishes rather than stacking and allowing to drain on the draining board, make sure your tea towel is clean, otherwise you simply wipe on germs
  • Work surfaces – Using warm soapy water and a clean sponge and towel. Sweep from the back of the counter towards the front and catch any crumbs or residue and rinse off. Do not let these fall to the floor, as they will most likely be spread around the kitchen, likely to hibernate under appliances and be walked through the rest of the house. Choose a small area at a time and before the work top dries, dry off with a clean cloth or tea towel. This will prevent unsightly smears. You can clean cupboard fronts and appliances in the same way.
  • Sinks and taps – Most sinks and taps are stainless steel and although clean can look dirty with water marks. Wipe with warm soapy water with a soft spoge so it doesn’t scratch the surface and buff dry. Et voila sparklingly clean draining board and taps.
  • Floor – if your kitchen floor is non-porous i.e. it is lino, or tiles or another completely sealed floor type, a thorough hoovering to collect all dust, crumbs etc. Using the flat edged tool to get as far under the appliances and other nooks and crannies… do not attempt to hoover any wet substances, clear these up first with kitchen towel. Washing, use very hot water and your chosen detergent, we recommend using an anti-bacterial liquid. Check the bottle before using for the first time to make sure it doesn’t damage your floor type. Using a good mop, methodically wash the floor rinsing as often as possible to avoid streaks and smears. If possible, open the windows and doors to enable the floor to dry faster.

We hope you enjoyed our tips for kitchen cleaning. Should you decide you would rather we do your cleaning we are happy to provide a regular cleaning service at a time and day to suit you. Our cleaning schedules are weekly, fortnightly and monthly. If you need a hand to get on top of the housework we can offer a one off deep clean too. We are happy to discuss your cleaning requirements you can contact us on 01604 791799 or email

Black Mamba Gloves – Perfect For Oven Cleaning

Black Mamba Gloves give other disposables a grilling and offer a helping hand when cleaning ovens

Leading US brand Black Mamba Nitrile Gloves have heated up the disposable glove industry in the UK since they made their way across the Atlantic earlier this year. Distributed by Fortress Distribution Ltd, based in Milton Keynes, Black Mamba’s are becoming an increasingly popular choice in the professional oven cleaning industry as the preferred hand protection for cleaning ovens, microwaves, BBQ’s and extractor hoods.

The Black Mamba nitrile glove is tough and durable at over 6.0 mils thick offering a superior fit and better puncture, abrasion, and chemical resistance than disposable vinyl or latex gloves. These ambidextrous gloves have a Grip Rite textured surface offering a secure and tactile grip whilst providing sensitivity for delicate, precise tasks – perfect for finding your way around the inside of an oven and those hard to see places. They are ideal for domestic applications, as well as automotive, general maintenance, manufacturing and with the added benefit that the colour helps to hide dirt, grime and grease to increase overall product lifetime and value. The gloves are available in sizes, small through 2XL – so there’s a pair suitable to fit any hands and they’re a perfect addition to any household for domestic chores.

So whether you’re a cleaning professional or a domestic goddess, if you’ve got a cleaning job on that requires protection of one of your most valuable assets, then why not get your FREE sample of Black Mamba Nitrile Gloves and ensure your hands are covered

Fortress Distribution is proud to deliver ultimate hand protection for workers in tough jobs. For more information visit, or call 01908 676869.

How long does it take you to clean the oven?

How long does it take you to clean the oven?

In previous years, before starting this business. The time I used to take to get the oven clean would be completely disproportionate to the reward and usually the effectiveness. I had a two pronged approach.

First I would remove the wire racks and start them soaking in the kitchen sink in very hot very soapy water. Then dependant on the products I had bought I would spray toxic chemicals coating the entire oven, which would then have to be left for 4, 12 or even 24 hours. Putting the oven out of action for quite a while.

Of course whilst waiting I would tackle the racks, scrubbing with green pads or wire wool, which of course only scratch and mar the surface making them harder to clean next time. And still I would have the odd black mark that short of using a welding torch would not come away. After multiple water changes and a number of cleaning aids, a few blisters and a powerful scrubbing arm, we now have clean racks and a toxic oven.

Returning to the gooey mess in the oven with dread, making sure there is paper on the floor to catch any accidental spills, I would then spend the better part of an hour fully rubber gloved up, trying not to breathe in the fumes, whilst removing the brown/black greasy grime and chemical mix. Wiping rinsing, scrubbing as there is always one stubborn patch! Even after finishing I would turn the oven on for a while, as first time using it would emit a rather unappetising smell, which you wouldn’t really want marinating through your dinner! There had to be a better way to do this!

And there is… which is why I decided to start Pristine Oven Clean

Pristine oven clean vanOur process is eco-friendly, biodegradable and even pet friendly, leaving no nasty fumes or smells and your oven is safe to use straight away. And the whole process takes about an hour and a half (dependent on your oven size/type). We clean all removable parts of your oven and we can even clean your extractor fan!

In such a short while you can have a cleaner oven than the conventional way, without the arm ache, blisters, toxic fumes, and of course without lifting a finger yourself! Don’t spend hours and hours cleaning the oven, let Pristine Oven Clean do it for you.

Sound good? Then Get in touch! Call us now on 01327 223260 we clean ovens in Daventry, Northampton, Rugby, Milton Keynes, Towcester and everywhere in between!

How long does it take you to clean the oven? No time at all with Pristine Oven Clean!

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Oven Cleaning Tip – Liners

Oven Cleaning Tip

With a busy family life it isn’t always possible to keep on top of the oven cleaning. Prevention can be better than cure and here is a product that will help prolong the cleanliness of your oven.

Using an Oven Liner will prevent grease and burnt on spills building up on the floor of your oven. Simply cut your liner to fit the floor of the oven. They are washable and reusable and can be purchased for around £10.00 from Argos and Lakeland.

oven cleaning tip

An Oven Liner won’t protect your oven completely, you will still get residual grease from cooking, this is unavoidable. But it will prevent those huge crusty black bits in the bottom of your oven from sticking.

If your oven is smoky, the glass front brown, or you are getting unpleasant odours when you cook, then it is definitely time to call us in.

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A greasy oven is a risky thing.

A greasy oven is a risky thing.

a greasy oven is a risky thingFirst, a greasy oven might produce smoke, unpleasant smells and offensive fumes in the kitchen while burning left-over food splatters and spills during baking time.  

Cooking inside a greasy oven presents severe Fire hazards. It’s a known fact that lots of domestic fires start inside the oven!

Furthermore, the food is not as well cooked as it should be as hot air might not circulate equally inside the oven when the oven walls are not smooth and the greasy fan is unbalanced and works slowly.

Therefore, always keep your oven clean and well-maintained!