Oven Cleaning Tip – Liners

Oven Cleaning Tip

With a busy family life it isn’t always possible to keep on top of the oven cleaning. Prevention can be better than cure and here is a product that will help prolong the cleanliness of your oven.

Using an Oven Liner will prevent grease and burnt on spills building up on the floor of your oven. Simply cut your liner to fit the floor of the oven. They are washable and reusable and can be purchased for around £10.00 from Argos and Lakeland.

oven cleaning tip

An Oven Liner won’t protect your oven completely, you will still get residual grease from cooking, this is unavoidable. But it will prevent those huge crusty black bits in the bottom of your oven from sticking.

If your oven is smoky, the glass front brown, or you are getting unpleasant odours when you cook, then it is definitely time to call us in.

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